Spotify debuts a three-month free trial period

Spotify debuts a three-month free trial period
Do you recall the days when you had to manually download each song / album you like before transferring it to a media player? Neither do we. Spotify has revolutionized the way we listen to music by making it more convenient (and much cheaper) than ever before. 

It is easy to get hooked on Spotify and it seems the streaming giant knows this fact very well. This is why now  the platform is extending its free trial period to 3 months. For reference, previously the free trial period was just 1 month long. Spotify shared this information in an official blog post, which has since been covered by MacRumors in a dedicated article

So how exactly will this 3-month trial period work? Put simply, first-time users, after creating an account, will not be billed during the first three months of their new subscription. The first payment will take place at the end of the third month. 

Additionally, if for whatever reason they are not thrilled with the streaming service within the trial period, users will be able to cancel their subscription without incurring any fees in the process. In essence, if a user opts out before the three-month mark has passed, the time spent streaming will be virtually free. 

The longer trial period also extends (pun intended) to past users who no longer use Spotify. For a measly $9.99, ex-subscribers will be able to get three full months of streaming (i.e.  less than $4 a month). There is one catch, however. This offer only applies to users who made the decision to cancel their subscription before July 15th 2022. 

The new extended trial period will be available across 135 markets and the offer will come into effect after September 11th. If this does not convince you to give Spotify a chance, nothing will.

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