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Snap Inc. introduces Snap Kit for 3rd party Snapchat integration


Today, Snap Inc. introduced a new API called Snap Kit, which will allow 3rd parties to integrate Snapchat features into their apps. Snap Kit consists of four sub-Kits: Creative, Login, Bitmoji, and Story.

Now that Snap is allowing 3rd parties to access user data, privacy is of the utmost concern. Snap is addressing privacy by deactivating apps that are inactive for 90 days, as well as only providing the basic data: your username and Bitmoji. And when you choose to share your data, you are sharing only Your data, not your friends' data as well.

Creative Kit allows you to share things like achievements or favorite songs to Snapchat. Developers will be able to create their own stickers and filters and integrate them into the Snapchat camera. Now you will have a new way to share achievements with your friends.

With Login Kit, you will be able to import your personal Bitmoji into other apps to add a fun new layer to your profiles. Developers can use Login Kit to create a temporary login that is secure and does not track activity.

To make messaging more interesting on other platforms, Bitmoji Kit is here. You will be able to use your personal Bitmoji stickers to add a new layer of personalization to apps.

Finally, Story Kit will allow developers to embed Snapchat Stories into their apps and services to showcase the community. 

So far, Snap has attracted the likes of Tinder, Pandora, Poshmark, and SoundHound to integrate their new API into their services. If you are a developer excited to join their ranks, check out the Snap Kit site to learn more. We are excited to see what you all think of Snap's new venture, so let us know in the comments!

source: Snap Inc.
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