Smartphones and Data Usage: Poll results

Smartphones and Data Usage: Poll results
Last week we posted an article on the current situation with smartphones and data usage, and at the end of it, we asked you how much data you use in a month. Voting is now closed and we have a sample of just over a thousand people who decided to share their rough monthly data usage.

So, are PhoneArena visitors data junkies who use their smartphones to constantly stream movies, music, surf the web, etc. or are they instead cautious of their online ventures, sticking with data-compressing browsers like Opera Mini, in order to minimize that potentially unhealthy bill at the end of the month?

It turns out you guys are pretty balanced, with most of you consuming between 2 and 5 gigabytes per month. The second-largest group consists of some slightly more economic individuals, who rarely surpass the 2GB barrier, but don't miss the chance to enjoy at least 1 GB of data. Right after that comes the third major group with their significantly humbler usage of up to 1 GB.

Those of you who regularly cross the 5 GB+ border are still relatively few, but we expect this group to grow, with faster data networks and more data-hungry services being on top of carriers' and developers' to-do lists.

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