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Sennheiser CX 6.00BT earbuds hands-on


Sennheiser is known for its rich line of premium headphones, usually targeting audiophiles at the upper range, but it's not uncommon for them to branch out to other areas as well. That's the situation we're at with one of its latest offerings, the Sennheiser Wireless CX 6.00 BT, an in-ear pair that's meant to be that all-around pair for just about everything – whether that's for casual listening, or even being used at the gym. Slapped with a cost of under $100, it does seem like a tempting offering.

For starters, this is an in-ear pair of ear buds that are tethered together with a single cable. There's a clip that allows us to adjust the length, to better have a tighter wrap around our head when it's worn. However, there are two chunky sized compartments dangling near the two earbuds that we can feel bouncing up and down while running on the treadmill. Obviously, it's not much of a distraction for other activities, but it is in this case. With the right compartment, it houses a trio of buttons that acts as the volume up/down and a multi-function one for pause/play. While the design isn't particularly striking, it's at least lightweight and features a few premium accents that warrants its price point.

In terms of features, these are as ordinary as they come – so you won't find any additional luxuries, including a water-resistant construction. While it may suffice for some workouts, you'll want to be extra careful about getting them completely drenched. Since this lacks any sort of secondary features, the Sennheiser Wireless CX 6.00 BT offers compensation in the form of its quick charging battery. It's rated to deliver upwards of around 2 hours of battery life with only a short 10 minutes of charging. If you're in a pinch, this quick charging technology will surely get you juiced up to a decent level.

Sennheiser, to its credit, doesn't disappoint in the audio quality department, offering rich and crisp tones that are just music to the ears. There's a little bit of bass accenting the output, which simply adds to its outstanding quality. At higher volumes, it's able to retain its punch tones and rarely strains. Casual listeners will really appreciate the kind of quality that the Sennheiser Wireless CX 6.00 BT delivers, especially for a pair of wireless ear buds.

Taking a closer look at its $99.95 price, the Sennheiser Wireless CX 6.00 BT is a decent pair of wireless Bluetooth ear buds that should appease casual music listeners. Its design isn't really meant for active individuals, but it'll still work for the occasion nonetheless. More importantly, though, is that it's the kind of thing you can pack along without the worry about ever being in a pinch with battery life. And best of all, its superb quality will only make you enjoy your listening experience even more!

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