Samsung shares specifics about its stretchable display, see how this technological wonder works


A few days ago, we reported that Samsung is planning to unveil the world's first stretchable display at SID's Display Week held in Los Angeles. The tech giant certainly did not disappoint, as it indeed showcased the ultra-modern panel at its booth, while also presenting a paper labeled "9.1-inch stretchable AMOLED display based on LTPS technology" at the exhibition. 

So far, we knew that this new screen can expand and retract like a balloon while retaining a high resolution, but we had no information on how far these capabilities can go. Apparently, the display can achieve both convex and concave shapes (up to 10mm or 0.39-inch expansion for the former, 12mm or 0.47-inch retraction for the latter), with more complex curvatures also possible. 

In layman's terms, the incredible flexibility of these panels comes from a selective patterning technique. Stretchable areas are placed as a buffer zone of sorts between pixels.

Initially, there was information that the stretchable displays will be used in the wearable and automobile industry, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things. However, Samsung claims that the possibilities are nearly limitless, as these displays are not restricted by shape in any way. Thus, they can be used in clothing and even strapped on as an accessory.  

Sadly, we aren't likely to see this technological marvel mass produced anytime soon, as the company is heavily involved with perfecting its full-screen technology for future Galaxy S flagships. However, this demonstration pretty much cements Samsung's role as an absolute leader in the OLED display segment.

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