Samsung patents idea for gaming phone

Samsung has patented yet another idea for a phone that should serve as a standalone gaming device. When closed it looks like an ordinary clamshell, but once opened it reveals the uniqueness of this idea. Although with integrated gaming controller (the first), the numeric keypad is rather normal. The WOW factor comes when the display moves (we guess that it swivels) in the middle of the two shells, now in landscape (horizontal) orientation. In the place where it was situated, there is the second gaming pad and additional audio speaker.

Thanks to this unique clamshell design, there is lots of space for situating the keyboard and the other parts, as well as a large screen. Combined with the modern powerful hardware a manufacturer can offer in its phones,  this may result in a good attempt for a gaming phone. If it will happen in the future, or will follow the failure of Nokia’s N-Gage, only time will tell .

via: UnwiredView

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