Samsung SCH-R100 Stunt for Cricket is your basic entry level handset

Samsung SCH-R100 Stunt for Cricket is your basic entry level handset
Samsung is known to put out a decent line of handsets ranging from the coveted high-end smartphone segment all the way down to the entry-level area that still has some huge market share. Cricket Communications announced today the launch of the Samsung SCH-R100 Stunt which looks to be like any other ordinary basic candybar phone – the perfect solution for those customers who don't require all the fancy refinements. It actually sports a larger sized display than its predecessor, the SCH-R211, and packs some of the basic amenities phones in this age are usually treated to. Although it's extremely pocketable, its $99.99 price tag may be a bit much for some customers on Cricket to swallow – especially if there are other handsets that are less and perform the same functions equally. Despite all of that, customers can still feel a sense of pride knowing that they've got the latest offering from Samsung and does look a bit more attractive than other basic candybar phones – plus there's no contract to tether you down.

Samsung SCH-R100 Stunt Specifications

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1. newton collier unregistered

Neat phone, simply and eazy to use.

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