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Samsung Pay Mini won't launch for iOS, Apple rejects the app

Samsung Pay Mini won't launch for iOS, Apple rejects the app
According to rumors, Samsung is going to launch a new mobile payments app in January. The app is named “Samsung Pay Mini” and it should've made its debut on both iOS and Android. It turns out, however, that the new app will not be available for iOS in the foreseeable future.

According to ETNews, Apple rejected registration of the “Samsung Pay Mini” app on its App Store. Reasons for the rejection were not made public, but we can safely assume that Apple wants to keep Apple Pay the main go-to app for mobile payments on its own OS. Despite the fact that “Samsung Pay Mini” will be focused only on online payments, unlike Apple's solution, which can completely replace your physical cards, it's highly likely that Apple wouldn't want a strong competitor in its own ecosystem.

Samsung will not be applying for registration on the App Store again and will only focus on Android devices, as confirmed by a company representative. “After Apple rejected registration of Samsung Pay Mini onto its app store, we have decided to focus only on smartphones with Android OS,” they said.

“Samsung Pay Mini” is still coming to Android, probably next month. It will be the first step by the South Korean company towards extending its mobile payments support to other brands of phones, and not just its own. Tests have already been carried out with local credit card providers, so we know for sure that the app is launching in South Korea at some point, but Samsung has yet to let the world know which other markets it will target.

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source: ETNews via MacRumors
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