Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is hitting the European market this month starting with Germany

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is hitting the European market this month starting with Germany
For some time now, US consumers have been able to experience and get comfortable with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – despite the fact that it’s still missing the TouchWiz UX experience.

Granted that there has been a lengthy wait for it, the thinnest and lightest 10.1” tablet in the world will soon be making its grand entrance with the European market this month. Of course, the good people of Germany will have the prestigious opportunity of buying one before anyone else starting on August 18.

In fact, both the soft black and pure white versions of the tablet are going on to be available at launch, which will sell for 629 Euros ($892). And not only does it retain the same specs we know and love by now, but it’s also going to have the TouchWiz UX interface on board from the onset.

From the looks of it, the German market is where you need to be if you want to check out one of the most refined Honeycomb tablets on the market right now. Luckily, it’ll soon be permeating other European markets in the near future with the UK set to see it this month as well.

source: Samsung (translated) via Unwired View

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1. danman7200 unregistered

Waiting too damn long. It's really not good for company reputation to announce something so far before release. apple has a very successful approach, announce followed by almost immediate availibility. Why don't other companies just do this approach! Also I do hope that the price quoted (629 Euros) is not for the base 16GB sans 3g model. I want one but I'm not paying that! It's a tablet afterall....... I was under the impression the price be more then 500 euros mark for the base model

2. mjay993 unregistered

I live in Serbia and yeasterday was the release date for Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I bought it. It also has Touch Wiz UX on board... It has pretty cool features :DDD

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