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Samsung- and Intel-backed Tizen OS is serious, $4M-in-prizes-serious

Samsung- and Intel-backed Tizen OS is serious, $4M-in-prizes-serious
Well, we have to give it to you – there has been a certain amount of skepticism on whether the Samsung- and Intel-backed Tizen OS won't just die out before it ever reaches any end users. With the former two reaffirming their support, and with what Tizen now has in store for developers, it suffices to say that we're feeling much more confident about the open-source platform.

So let us get right on it – Tizen has just challenged app developers to do their thing in order to “get a head start on the next big application ecosystem”. Not enticing enough? Right, there's also this matter of the $4 million prize fund up for grabs, split into 54 prizes across 9 categories. Games, unsurprisingly will bring home the biggest individual chunk, amounting for $1.56 million of the total cash:

 This move comes as a little bit of a surprise, since the team behind Tizen hasn't really been craving too much publicity, leaving its resourceful allies to do most of the drumming. Hopefully, that's because they've been working extra-hard, for a hostile world lies out there – iOS and Android account for about 90% of the total mobile OS market, a status-quo that will be nigh impossible to disturb.

Regardless, if this challenge has you fired up, you'll have until November 1st to submit your entry. Good luck!

source: Tizen via TheNextWeb
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