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Rezence wireless charging struts its stuff

We got to see some basic examples of the A4WP wireless charging standard at the Intel Developer Forum last summer. At the Pepcom Digital Experience, a pre-CES opening ritual for media and analysts, we got to take a look at how the applications for A4WP are progressing.

Unlike the Qi standard we are well familiar with, A4WP, branded as Rezence, is making its inroads through commercial applications and focusing on the distinction of not requiring direct contact between the charging plate and the device. In the demo we previewed above, on top of being able to charge through a table, Rezence products can handle charging multiple devices, and charging is not impeded by having other objects on the plate, like pocket change or pens.

Starting this year, we will see laptop computers begin shipping with this Rezence charging capability. Other consumer level products are also in the works through a variety of distribution channels, be they as purchased options in a new car, or something to be bought off the shelf.

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