Results: the iPhone X – no longer simple and straightforward

So, the iPhone X is hitting preview rooms around the world and impressions are raining down. We now have the full information how the new gesture-based UI works, and it sounds quite different from anything that iPhones have been doing thus far. See, there's no longer a single home button to help you navigate the interface... there's actually no button on the front. Instead, the power key has adopted some of the physical home button's functions and the rest have been transferred to on-screen swipes and gestures.

A single tap on the power button is a sleep / wake, as before; a dual-tap activates Apple Pay; triple-tap will bring up any accessibility options you have enabled. A press-and-hold activates Siri. A power + volume up press takes a screenshot; holding power + volume up will bring up the Power Off prompt.

That's... different. iPhones have always been known for being simple and intuitive to use. We thought we'd ask you — does the iPhone X look simple or intuitive to you? Here's how that poll went:

Is the iPhone X's UI too complicated now?

Nah, it's within reasonable limits
It's getting a bit confusing, but I believe people / I will get used to it
Yup. I have no idea what's where anymore

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