Prevent overages from happening on your iPhone with OverMyMinutes app

Prevent overages from happening on your iPhone with OverMyMinutes app
During some months, you can be wrapped up with important projects that take your focus away from your monthly iPhone usage. In the process of not painstakingly keeping track of your usage, you’ll probably end up with an expensive bill at the end of the month that you’ll be regretting. Luckily there’s an app that alerts you via email and/or SMS when you’re getting close to your talk/text limits. Sure there are specific carrier features, whether it be online or through customer service, but the OverMyMinutes Alerter allows you to simply view almost everything right on your iPhone. The app itself serves as a front end to the OverMyMinutes Web service that’s available to nearly all phone users by just setting up a free account online. Although you’ll get notifications once you’re nearing your allotted minutes and text, it won’t track how much data you’re using up. It’s a nifty app if you always find yourself in the situation of having to pay more because you’re going over in minutes.

via  CNET


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