Palm Treo 755p comes with Verizon next Monday

Palm Treo 755p comes with Verizon next Monday
On December 17, or next Monday, Verizon Wireless will finally start offering the Palm Treo 755p. It is running on Palm's own OS, features full QWERTY keyboard and quadrangle display, just as one could expect from a Treo, etc. Below you will find information about the phone and the accessories.

source: Omie, image courtesy of Palmenvy

Release Online/Telesale-December 17th
Retail Release-January 7th

Retail price- $569.99
2 yr. contract- $449.99
1 yr. contract- $519.99

Standard Battery- $49.99 PALM755BAT
Leather Fitted- $24.99 PALM755CAS
Holster- $9.97 TREHOL-2
Stylus-$9.99 PALM755STY
Car Charger-$29.99 TRE650VPC
Rapid Charger-$29.99 TRTTVL-1
SYNC cable- $29.99 TRE650CBL
Desktop Kit-$49.99 TRE650DTC



1. unregistered

how do u add windows to unlocked phone

2. unregistered

Are you trying to add windows mobile to a phone? If yes then it will not work because the mobile OS is stored in the ROM (Read Only Memory). Actually it will depend on the manufacture. I used to be a tech support for palm. On their devices you are not able to change the Mobile OS because it is stored in the ROM

3. unregistered

sell the phone on EBAY and buy a Window Mobile version. That's how you do it.

4. unregistered

Are the 700wx/755p the best of the treo's we're going to see from Verizon for awhile, or would it be worth waiting for a better one with wi-fi? I'm about to upgrade to the 700wx on the 17th; any suggestions ?

5. Omie unregistered

Do you think the Centro and 800 are better? ;)

6. T-Money3000 unregistered

I work for Verizon and I didn't know we were getting this so soon. I thought it would be early Jan. Sweet. But I AM waiting on the Win OS myself.

7. Z unregistered

interesting, because I do work for verizon and all that junk that was listed (phone sku and launch date)

8. Z unregistered

was copied and pasted directly from our infomanager program. I wonder how you got to that if you don't work for verizon

9. unregistered

obviously someone at verizon decided to cut and paste it. bad news for them since they can see anything you do on the intranet and pay special attention to outside websites like this one when we visit them. #7, if you are interested in Wifi, get the samsungi760 or the new 6800

10. @12 unregistered

Same way I got the Q9m, V9m, 8350, 8550, i760 and the list goes on. I just got SKILLZZZZZZZZZZ like that :) It would be nice to work for Verizon though, good money, they pay for your college, best service, you know the good stuff.

11. Z unregistered

It is good to work for them. We hold pretty high standards for not disparaging other companies, the company is really changing its structure in a way to benefit consumers. We were the first to prorate etfs, and one of the first to not extend contacts with priceplan changes. Not to mention the pay and perks are really good.

12. Z unregistered

Back to the phone though, I really do think that the samsung i 760 is the best deal out right now if you want windows mobile. Best price, best design, cant lose. Palms are over rated, I see so many come back to our store. Oh, and the voyager sucks, just though I would throw that in.

13. Omie unregistered

Ever since I had the Voyager 3 months ago and told people months ago that it was gonna suck and it DID. I was right again ;) My freakin Touch for Verizon needs to arrive already. :) I might give the SMT5800 soon, but I then again, I don't want WM.

14. Omie unregistered

Back to the 755p, its been on since late on the 16th. Go and order your hearts out people.

15. unregistered

the voyager is the best regular phoonewe have. no other phone comes close. those few who think it sucks, its normally because you wanted a pda. not LG's fault u dont know the difference.

16. Omie unregistered

You serious? I don't know the difference? I had the Voyager MONTHS before release and I told everyone it was just an enV on steriods, its the SAME freakin phone with a touch screen. A lot of people agreed, people who do like it, just like it because its "new" and different.

17. Matt unregistered

Palm doesn't have wi-fi preinstalled... You can, however, purchase and wi-fi card to enable wi0fi on your device thru palm. They run approx $50.00-100.00 last time i checked

18. Matt unregistered

My mistake it is only for the 700p/w 79.99 thru palm. not the 755p

19. sean unregistered

I have a Sprint Treo 755, how can i get it to work on Verizon? Can i take it to Verizon and have them do it?

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