Palm Treo 755p comes with Verizon next Monday

Palm Treo 755p comes with Verizon next Monday
On December 17, or next Monday, Verizon Wireless will finally start offering the Palm Treo 755p. It is running on Palm's own OS, features full QWERTY keyboard and quadrangle display, just as one could expect from a Treo, etc. Below you will find information about the phone and the accessories.

source: Omie, image courtesy of Palmenvy

Release Online/Telesale-December 17th
Retail Release-January 7th

Retail price- $569.99
2 yr. contract- $449.99
1 yr. contract- $519.99

Standard Battery- $49.99 PALM755BAT
Leather Fitted- $24.99 PALM755CAS
Holster- $9.97 TREHOL-2
Stylus-$9.99 PALM755STY
Car Charger-$29.99 TRE650VPC
Rapid Charger-$29.99 TRTTVL-1
SYNC cable- $29.99 TRE650CBL
Desktop Kit-$49.99 TRE650DTC


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