Mozilla previews Firefox Mobile

Mozilla previews Firefox Mobile
Mobile Safari is the standard, and we though Opera Mobile 9.5 upstaged that, but to be honest there is a good chance both of them are just placeholders until Firefox releases their mobile browser. We've heard/dreamt about it for years now, and there was even a beta back in the day, but Mozilla has indeed committed to bringing Firefox to the mobile market and today we get our first sneak peak. Aza Raskin, Mozilla's Head of User Experience, gives us a quick walk-through and explains some of the basic features of the browser. It's still in very early development stages, so don't expect to see this soon and they can always choose to go in a different direction, but what little we get to see looks innovative. It takes a completely new approach than we've seen before, which is the kind of thinking we like. Check out the video to see what Mozilla has so far.

source: Gizmodo

Firefox Mobile Concept Video from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.


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