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Motorola’s 3G fashionable phones – KRZR K3 and RIZR Z8

A Motorola financial analyst document leaked with a few interesting pictures in it. Listed in the “Whoa! Products” family we can find a few new phones in addition to already official (and available) models: next to the KRZR K1 and K1m is the KRZR K3 and after the Z3 we can see the RIZR Z8.

Still there is no information about those two phones, but the images just show they are 3G-capable devices, as they feature a front-facing camera for video calling. Being part of the “Feature phones”, though, we are expecting them to run on Motorola’s JUIX (Java + Linux) operating system, we caught an eye at with the RIZR Z6 at CES.

The KRZR K3 keeps the same design appeal as the K1 and also has 2-megapixel camera, but it is in light blue color and has bigger external display than its predecessor.

The RIZR Z8 looks like rather wide slider (while the K3 is narrow clamshell) in dark grey color, accompanied by yellow-green backlight color.

Expect more information in future, and when the phones are officially announced. We guess this will happen just a moment before 3GSM starts, which is Feb 12 in Barcelona, Spain.

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