Motorola Maxx VE's keyboard under question

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Motorola Maxx VE's keyboard under question
It is still not sure what the final design of the Verizon’s version of the Motorola maxx Ve will be, as there are rather contradictory images coming from various sources. First, it was the FCC external images document for the phone supported by live hands-on photos from Boy Genius, that show the Maxx VE with keypad which doesn’t look anything like previous Motorola models.

The official Verizon manual of the device and a few promo images, show different keypad with straight lines, similar to the original GSM MAXX and the KRZRs. CoreyTheGent at HowardForums showed the image here.

What will the Ve look like, when it finally comes out? We will wait and see in near future. Meanwhile, check the preliminary specifications of the Motorola maxx Ve for Verizon Wireless

Update: 7 Feb, 2007

We got information that there is Motorola maxx Ve official promo page withsome images. It shows the "standard" KRZR-like keyboard and so - weguess this will be the final design, which will launch commercially.The page just notes that the external display is 1.7", which is just HUGE.



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1. JohnT unregistered

No way VZW will go with the Boy Genius keypad. It's horrid, interesting and unique, but horrid. Check out the HoFo thread on the Ve, everyone hates it. VZW probably figured this out in testing. The KRZR-ish keypad will be the one featured on production models, I'm certain of it. The other is just too different. In a way, it's a shame, I'm hardly against innovation, but this is a very high-end phone for the US market and I think VZW concluded that was enough of risk already.

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