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More phones on Verizon's website - Samsung A870 and A930

Samsung A870 and A930 been known and rumored for pretty long time now, but the images of both phones just appeared on the Verizon's site - all with Verizon's logo on them.

Unfortunately the SCH-A870 will probably not have the earlier rumored 2-megapixel camera but a VGA unit. It will probably also lack EV-DO data, but will compensate with a low price range. It still is a decent clamshell phone with two color displays and an internal antenna.

Samsung A870 at Verizon

The SCH-A930 has been officially showed at the CES2006 show – a clamshell phone with internal antenna, 1.3 megapixel camera and microSD slot for memory expansion. Music player can be controlled with music-dedicated keys on the front cover. Its external display is portrait greyscale unit, while the internal one shows up to 262k colors.

Since CES, the A930 changed its shell color from silver to all-black and was showed with the Verizon logo on it.

Samsung A930 at Verizon

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