Mexican government about to keeps tabs on phone calls

The Mexican government keeps an eye on all phone calls
This is quite reminiscent of 1984, a novel by George Orwell that tells the story of a country that is utterly controlled by the Big Brother. The Mexican government has now made the first step towards putting some of Orwell´s ideas into practice by preparing to enforce a law that permits keeping tabs on all phone numbers in the country. Just like about anything else in real life, this can cut both ways though. On one hand it could turn out to be a major weapon in the  battle against crime, plus it´s not like Mexico hasn´t got a reputation as a country with flourishing narcotraffic, a large number of kidnappings and organized crime groups. On the other hand, this poses a serious threat to the civil rights of ordinary people.

Mexicans will have to either send their phone numbers and CURP (an analog of the SSN) via SMS to a special number before April 10, 2010 or end up with their unauthorized phone numbers blocked. So, even people using prepaid services are about to lose their anonymity. Carriers are nailed down as well, they should keep track of all phone number information on their part, such as call logs, texts and voice messages and get it safely stored for a year. Certainly, any information may have to be sent over to the authorities at their request.

Actually, the UK Telegraph has recently reported that one of the gifts the Mexico´s President was presented with by HRM Queen Elizabeth II during his state visit to UK was no other but a first edition copy of G.Orwell´s 1984.

What do you think about all this? If such a law is enacted in your owncountry, what would you do? Submit the required information or hit thestreets and strike a picket?

source: Milenio (translated) via Slashdot

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