Krave set to launch next week

Krave set to launch next week
As we informed you last week, the Motorola Krave ZN4 is set to be released by Verizon on October 14th. Today, the phone was spotted on Verizon's Testman site, which often lists new devices before their release. Pricing is shown as $149 after $50 rebate with a 2-year contract, $219 after rebate with a 1-year contract, and $349 for non-commitment. Features include a 2.8" 240x400 pixel touch screen with clear flip, virtual QWERTY keyboard, music player, microSDHC (8GB),  Bluetooth, 2MP camera, Mobile TV (MediaFLO), HTML browser, 3.5mm headset jack, microUSB port, and will come with a 940mAh battery. The features are set to compete with the LG Dare, even though the Krave is .25" thicker and almost 1oz heavier.

Touch-phone Size Comparison:
Krave:    4.13" H x 2.00" W x 0.75" D. Weight:  4.59oz.
Dare:      4.10" H x 2.20" W x 0.50" D. Weight:  3.76oz.
Voyager: 4.64" H x 2.12" W x 0.71" D. Weight:  4.69oz.
Glyde:     4.09" H x 1.97" W x 0.70" D. Weight:  4.13oz
Storm:     4.40" H x 2.40" W x 0.55" D. Weight:  5.46oz

Official Krave Specs:



1. unregistered


2. unregistered

So what's up with the clear flap? Seems like it would just get in the way every time you go to use the phone then once you flip it open you have an odd shaped and even thicker phone. Whould anyone really take this over the Dare? Moto seems to just fall further and further off the map when it comes to cell phones. They need to pull a Qual Com and just focus on the backbone wireless hardware and leave the phones to LG, Samsung, RIM, Palm and HTC.

10. Armo unregistered

wat r u talking about? this is MUCH better then the dare. the dare is just another iPhone competitor that cant stand a chance. the krave isnt an iphone killer, but its something unique, different. it's giving the us the love ppl in asia get from the moto ming. oh and just to let u know motorola made the 1st cell phone so i would call them the ORIGINAL cell phone maker and they shouldnt stop making phones. im pretty sure they've got something up their sleeves with the alexander and atila.

11. unregistered

its too bad that Motorola makes crappy phones and is basically losing money by the minute, yet LG holds on to money to make phones like the LG Dare, much better than the Krave, oh and if you've read past articles the Krave is supposed to be imperior to the Dare

12. unregistered

not imperior, i think you mean inferior. your vocabulary sucks worse than my 3 year old cousins

18. unregistered

OMG stop talking about the iphone its old now. get over it

3. unregistered

I was wondering where your pic was from the testman site. Now I know why it's not included here, there isn't one up yet.

4. unregistered

Actually this phone has been available in selected stores of the Portland, OR market for about a month now. The clear flip is kinda awkward and UI is okay.

5. unregistered

when is vzw getting this phone? it is so horribly awesome!

17. unregistered

Just pointing out the whole purpose of this article was to answer your question. Oh and sorry about this (its policy), retard.

6. xmguy unregistered

WHAT?! This phone get VMM (Visual Voice Mail). While us DARE users are still waiting.

7. xmguy unregistered

I like it. Seems cool

8. unregistered

u can use certain features of the phone by pushing through the clear flip.

9. unregistered


20. unregistered

Actually, I know plenty of people who would not have given up the brick phones if analog hadn't been killed. They were built with a good level of quality. They would last for 20 years. They also cost alot of money for a phone that did literally NOTHING other than makes calls. Now people expect iphones for free. You can't build a good phone and give it away free. Also, what's the point of using all CAPS??? You just make yourself look like an out-of-control lunatic. Grow up and type like an adult.

13. scubadude unregistered

i think ppl are blowing things out of proportion. the krave is a good option and the lineup is getting much better. trust me the device isn't juke and look at the features it offers. it's not about vzw trying to win over more so iphone users because you can't. the iphone is a great device, unfortunately, time has proven that their network just doesnt cut it. just look at the device for what it is and it's a great option. the cover is innovative in that how many ppl are concerned about their touch screen phones getting scratched, and it offrs the mobile tv option and the channel lineup is getting better. Hopefully this can get motorola some points in the device department cuz I know they are hurting now. but c'mon guys let's just let the phone come out and see...consumers will speak louder than all at the end of the day..

14. unregistered

I've long been a fan of Motorola phones. I have the KRZR K1m through Verizon, and quite honestly, the only other good phone I've seen since then is the Razr2, but people were obviously not looking to pay several hundred dollars with contract for a phone that pretty much does the same as the old Razr, except maybe look a little nicer, and have Verizon strip all of the UI and good features the phone has away from it to make it work like the old Razr. The whole point of investing in some high end device is to have it work the way you want to, and though I haven't even held the Krave yet, it looks retarded and the clear flap does absolutely nothing to improve functionality. Now you're just going to scratch the plastic flap instead of the touch screen, and if you break the flap by dropping the phone, your phone looks like a piece of junk anyway. Its an original idea, but in an economic crisis situation, if you have several people testing in the phone in your facilities, and everyone asking what the clear flap is for, its probably a good idea to redesign the phone and 'cut the flap'.

15. spursfan unregistered

have any of you seen even seen this phone yet.. that "useless" flap is where the damn speaker is... its basically just a touch screen flip phone w/ mobile tv.

16. Yourface unregistered

The clear flip is interactive as stated by the specs. It also has touch capabilities.

19. unregistered

why did the dinosaurs die out?...Because you touch yourself at night.

21. unregistered

Had phone in my hand, and I have to say it is sick, the touchscreen is super sensitive, it has a pretty nice looking UI, the picture interface is cool, and you can use features through the flip. Has an accelerometer, and it responds quickly, nice animations between menus and the home screen, I was not expecting this phone to be anything special and it proved me wrong. If it doesnt end up sucking as far as software and warranty issues it will stop my Motorola hating

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