John Legere denies claims that T-Mobile is throttling heavy data users on the Unlimited 4G LTE data plan


A few days ago, multiple T-Mobile subscribers on the Unlimited 4G LTE plan started complaining on Reddit about what they perceived to be data throttling. When asked about the situation during yesterday's earnings call live stream, T-Mobile CEO John Legere denied such allegations, and promised to look into the problems that the respective customers seem to be facing.

Over at the Reddit thread, heavy users complained that their data transfer speeds started to go down once they've racked in about 20GB in data traffic, which goes against the company's open claim that it does not limit data transfer speeds of its unlimited LTE subscribers.

In a somewhat confusing development, alleged T-Mobile employees joined the Reddit thread and argued that while the network is not actually throttling data speeds in the way that speeds automatically go down once users get past a certain number of GBs, users get prioritized based on their traffic. These alleged employees claimed that, in high-populated areas where many T-Mobile subscribers share a single tower, users are prioritized based on their data usage for the corresponding month. In short, the Reddit commenters said that when the network is congested, the carrier puts aside more bandwidth for customers with low data usage during the month.

John Legere promised to look into the problem and provide a full explanation for the situation. You can hear his comment by following the T-Mobile source link below.

source: Reddit, T-Mobile via TmoNews

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