HTC working on a buttonless phone?

HTC working on a buttonless phone?
The latest update of HTC Sync might not have brought anything ground-breaking, but one of the users over at Phandroid noticed a buttonless Verizon-branded device along with the already announced HTC ThunderBolt and HTC Merge. While this could well be just a placeholder image, the possibility of a buttonless device running a future version of Android remains open.

Judging from the ear speaker, the HTC Desire HD could be somehow connected with the mysterious phone. We aren't sure yet what type of motions should be used for a completely buttonless interface to work, but a set number of physical buttons will no longer be required with the launch of Honeycomb. There is one problem with this theory - the latest version of Android seems to be targetting tablets mostly. With the recent rumor of upcoming buttonless Apple devices, however, anything seems possible. What is your opinion on this?

source: Phandroid


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