HTC applying for a patent that involves a new hinge design

HTC applying for a patent that involves a new hinge design
There's no hiding that HTC is an innovator in hardware designs, but their designers will need to create something vastly different now they're on-board with Windows Phone 7 Series and continue to mingle with other Android handset manufacturers. They've applied for a new patent that involves an interesting new clam shell design that hides away the hinges from the outside of the phone – which ultimately would make for a cleaner looking appearance. The two pieces being held together by the hinge in the drawing looks to be similar in size which could indicate that they are both touchscreens – undoubtedly it would make for some interesting concepts. This could make for some compelling hardware designs for any of the platforms they'll be supporting and goes to show the innovative ideas up their sleeves. When it comes down to it, you can always rely on the Taiwan based company to conjure up something truly unique that'll turn heads no matter what they put out.

via wmpoweruser


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