Google Home app update shows multiple user accounts may come soon

Google Home app update shows multiple user accounts may come soon
One of the more annoying things about Google Home in what we got at launch compared to what we saw in the prerelease videos is that Home was tied to one specific Google account. Of course, the annoyance of that is somewhat limited since Home also can't create calendar entries or do any messaging, so the effects of a single account end up being more related to the searches, music and videos that end up in your history, coloring your future recommendations.

However, the latest version of the Google Home app for Android makes it look like Google is working on bringing multiple account support to the Home. The code-hounds over at Android Police found bits of code that directly point to the support being in the works, but it is still unclear how far off the feature is or how exactly it would work. For example, once multiple user support does exist, it's still unknown if that will also mean Home being able to distinguish between voices, or if you'll need to tag certain commands with the user's name. We're hoping this is something we see more about no later than Google I/O in May. 

As for the Google Home app itself, it does have an actual feature update this week with the ability to view and change any timers or alarms that you have set on the device. Although given the number of menus you have to dig into in the Home app, it's probably still easier to ask your Google Home about those alarms and timers if you can. 

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