Google gives more options for call blocking in an app you might not suspect

Google gives more options for call blocking in an app you might not suspect
Google has had the automatic spam call warnings available for a while now, to the point where many we know have simply begun ignoring calls when the Red Screen of Spam pops up on their phone. But, there have also been some missing options in terms of call blocking on Android. Google allowed for blocking specific numbers, but now there are even more options to let users block calls.

Previously, the only option for blocking calls was to add numbers to a call block list from the Phone app's Recent calls page, but now there are four new options for blocking calls. If you want, you can block all calls from numbers that aren't in your contacts list, block calls from private or unknown numbers, or even block calls made from pay phones. That last one is a bit surprising because as mobile phones have taken over and become commonplace, pay phones have slowly been removed from public spaces. There are likely still places around the world with pay phones, but it's been quite a long time since we've seen any in the U.S.

Oddly enough though, the new options won't be found in the Phone app. Instead, Google put the new options in the Contacts app all the way at the bottom of the Settings page, under the Manage contacts header. That will give you toggles for the new call block features as well as a list of numbers you've already blocked. 



1. akita256

Posts: 98; Member since: Jan 26, 2012

Are you saying that these options are already in effect and present on phones because mine certainly doesn't have what you described? I have the Galaxy S10+ with Android 9. How is "Private" functionally different from "Unknown"? I wish Google would give us the option that I used to have on my old Samsung Galaxy phone of being able to block any portion of the digits in a phone number. I could block any number that started with certain digits or ended with certain digits or had certain digits in the middle of the number. But on the new Galaxy S10, for some reason Samsung decided to do away with this feature which was poor. Now I can only block a single phone number. Then the scammer can change the last digit of the number and call again. Then I block that whole phone number. Then the scammer changes one digit and calls again...….over and over. So I would have to block thousands of phone numbers one at a time which is totally impossible. I used to be able to block any number from a certain area code or prefix which would block thousands of numbers at one time. I know there are some apps that will allow you to do this, but it would be nice to have the feature built into the phone like Samsung once had it.

2. PeterSmth

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 24, 2019

I have Samsung S9+ and cannot find the feature as well. I'm using CallHound app to block all unwanted calls by means of different personalized rules, that I set up for my white- and blacklist.

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