Fractus Virtual AntennaTM technology has been conceived to make the design of mobile products simpler, faster, and cost-effective

Fractus, a Barcelona-based companywhose patented antenna technology is in use by the likes of LG,BlackBerry, Motorola, and HTC, has developed a fully featured,multi-band wireless antenna that's ten times smaller than today'sindustry standard technology. The so-called Fractus Virtual Antennatech utilizes an antenna booster, the mXTEND, that's only 5mm on theside, in addition to other miniature, off-the-shelf components. Thismakes the crucial antenna component easy to standardize acrosshandsets that share a common platform (for example, Qualcomm'subiquitous Snapdragon chipset), while allowing for different formfactors.

Not only will the invention free spaceinside the device's shell (we're not engineers, but we believe that'salways welcome), but Fractus expects its flexible solution tosignificantly reduce costs related to developing custom antennaesolutions. The new technology will also simplify the migrationprocess from 3G to 4G networks, which could result in more andincreasingly affordable LTE devices. In addition, the new technologyseems a perfect fit for small form-factor devices like smart-watches,which can benefit from a solution that grants them independentInternet connectivity without adding bulk.

Source: Fractus(white-paper)


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