Former Uber employee's claims of sexual harassment reignite #DeleteUber movement on Twitter


On Sunday afternoon, a former Uber engineer updated her blog with a 3,000-word account of her time at the company, alleging several occurrences of sexism that she experienced firsthand.

Susan Fowler, who joined Uber in 2015 and left 13 months later to work for payments firm Stripe, described her year at the ride-hailing company as a “strange, fascinating, and slightly horrifying story”, claiming that she was sexually harassed from her first day on the job:

One would assume that these screenshots would serve as sufficient evidence for serious disciplinary action, but Susan writes that the HR department didn't feel comfortable giving her manager anything other than “a warning and a stern talking-to”, stating that he was a “high performer” and this was his first offense. Other co-workers later revealed to her that her manager had actually been reported to HR in the past and the “first offense” argument was also used then.

Fowler goes on to describe several other instances of sexism and harassment, and even a “game-of-thrones political war” among upper management in the engineering division: 

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These shocking revelations have reignited calls to #DeleteUber, a hashtag which gained popularity when people suspected Uber of trying to profit off of cab drivers that protested against Donald Trump's travel ban.

This movement resulted in the deletion of over 200,000 Uber accounts, so it's not surprising that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick quickly responded to Fowler's essay on Twitter: 

Kalanick also stated that an “independent” investigation into Fowler's claims will be launched by Liane Hornsey – a former Google HR exec, which was recently hired as Uber's head of human resources.

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