Fast Company magazine ranks Huawei as 5th most innovative company in 2010

Fast Company magazine ranks Huawei as 5th most innovative company in 2010
Although we may not see much of the fruits of their labor here in the US, Huawei was recently ranked as the 5th most innovative company in the world for 2010. Sure they maybe considered as a relatively small player in the US market, but they've made some strives in the global market which propelled them to become the only new-entrant to Fast Company's list of innovative companies. When you look at it closely, Huawei's strong business growth in 2009 is credited mostly by its leadership in customer-centric  innovation. Charlie Chen, senior vice president of marketing & product management of Huawei, said that “One of Huawei's key differentiators is our customer-centric innovation strategy that is focused on understanding operator needs and rapidly delivering customized network solutions to create maximum value. It is a long term investment towards continuous innovation designed around close partnerships with operators to overcome challenges and achieve business success.” In the past year, Huawei has won a number of lucrative and prestigious contracts which the sum of these deals drove them to double their global market share. Rounding the top of the list of Fast Company's most innovative companies in the world for 2010 are Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google.

source: Business Wire & Fast Company


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1. artz1986

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Really? I have yet to see something innovative from them, or maybe I'm not looking hard enough...

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