Contract set to expire & RadioShack is positioned to lose 400 Sam's Club kiosks

Contract set to expire & RadioShack is positioned to lose 400 Sam's Club kiosks
Business is like one giant ongoing chess game where the correct moves will get you into a healthy position, while wrong ones will make you think harder about your decision. That's the game that popular retailer RadioShack is playing as an SEC filing shows that their contract with Sam's Club is set to expire – thus losing operation of around 400 kiosks.

That isn't some small figure, but when you consider the amount of traffic that Sam's Club stores have to offer, it's looking to hit RadioShack a lot harder than some would imagine. Still, they're not sitting idly as the competition in the wireless landscape continues to be fierce. In fact, they're attempting to focus their attention on their budding relationship with Target – where they plan to continue to add kiosks in their stores.

However, this recent contract expiration with Sam's Club is surely going to hurt RadioShack as they stand to see a $10 to $15 million loss in its kiosk business for 2011.

source: Wall Street Journal via Phonescoop



1. Mali Mal

Posts: 35; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

I work for a kiosk in NJ and make close to 60K a year as a manager. Sams club and is great, loyal customers and an exceptional staff. Now I am being moved to a Target or Radio Shack core store. This sucks!

2. Syksyd

Posts: 63; Member since: Apr 16, 2010

i work in a Target as the Kiosk Manager, i must say that thhis company is te worst company i have ever worked for...everyting said to me in the interview reguarding pay and bonus, was all BULLSHIT...i cant wait to get out of here and go back to corporate.....FUK RADIO SHACK

3. asdfasdfasdefservxfv unregistered

totally agree with syksyd, it is true....only ones making $$$ is the sam clubs managers, i also work in a target kiosk as a manager, not only do i have a dm thats annoying always trying to write you up and fire you and doesnt seem like a secure a sales person i wouldnt recommend it to work for

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