Cinemagram coming to Android

Cinemagram coming to Android
If you don't know, a cinemagraph is essentially an animated GIF, but has been given its own name because it is intended to be much higher quality and convey a subtlety that animated GIFs have never really had a talent for. GIFs are for slapstick comedy, cinemagraphs are for drama and emotion. Or so it seems. 

Either way, cinemagraphs are pretty cool, and soon enough Android users will have an app to help make cinemagraphs. The app, called Cinemagram, has been on iOS for a while now, but apparently is making its way to Android. We can't say when it will happen, but Nikoo Asadi, the community manager for developer Factyle, has confirmed that there is an Android version in development. 

The real question will be what handsets will be able to play back the cinemagraphs, because they tend to be quite large (~2MB) and even high end handsets can stutter at times with GIFs that size. Should be fun though because cinemagraphs can be quite beautiful



4. kelsie40

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The newly-launched application Cinemagram turns photographs from your iPhone into slick little animated GIF files in seconds. It is just the thing to punch up your images in social media postings and I found it here Cinemagram makes nifty animated GIFs in seconds. Thanks and best regards, Kelsie

3. bloodline

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keep coming to android !

2. ry_ry_69

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who cares ;)^^

1. 0o0blackstar0o0 unregistered

Wooo ;)

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