Cell phones to be powered by hydrogen fuel cells by 2010

Angstrom Power operating out of Vancouver, Canada announced at CES2008 that it has developed a technology (EverOn™)that will give phones twice the run-time of batteries and a 10 minute recharge period. The company has already ran a six-month test of a fully integrated fuel cell-powered mobile devices, which proves the technology is not only a concept. For that purpose, the Angstrom’s Micro Hydrogen™ platform was successfully integrated into a MOTOSLVR L7 with no modification to the external dimensions of the device. Angstrom is currently collaborating with world-leading battery manufacturers, portable electronic device makers and mobile service providers towards the commercialization of its Micro Hydrogen™ technology, but the say it won’t happen before 2010.

source: Angstrom via Engadget

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