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Boost your productivity with this versatile USB hub at 40% off

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Boost your productivity with this versatile USB hub at 40% off
With millions still working from home across the globe, many are stuck with less-than-ideal workstations or laptops. If subpar connectivity options are stifling your productivity, this discounted USB-C hub is definitely worth checking out.

Aukey is holding an impressive sale on many of its peripheral accessories, like this 7-in-one hub, which features two full-sized USB-A ports, an HDMI port, readers for SD and microSD memory cards, and two USB-C ports. With this handy hub, whose seamless design sits flush against your MacBook, your laptop gains the flexibility to connect USB accessories, such as a wireless mouse, or storage devices.

There’s also the obvious and significant benefit of connecting an external monitor of up to 5K resolution through the Thunderbolt 3 or HDMI ports to give yourself more space to work. The USB-C port also supports 100W pass-through charging to keep all your devices and accessories topped up. The hub normally costs $40, but the coupon code INSIDER05 slices an extra $15 dollars off the price, making it a really great deal.

However, that hub is only usable on supported MacBook models, as the hub takes up two USB-C in a specific configuration. If you’re not on a MacBook, or just want more flexibility in positioning, the company also makes a 8-port version, which features a more traditional wired design and features almost the same port options.

Here, too, there’s SD and microSD readers, an HDMI port, and a USB-C port with 100W charging support, along with three USB-A ports and even a Gigabit ethernet connection to boost your internet speeds, if a wired connection is an option. This one is compatible with basically all modern laptops and even some phones or tablets, making it super versatile as well. 

The 8-port hub retails for $38, and Amazon includes a coupon for 5% off. However, the code 3JA5BRED can be used to bring the savings to over 20%. Either option is a great choice for those looking to expand their connectivity options.
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