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Best widgets for your iOS 8-running iPhone or iPad


One of the new features that arrived alongside Apple iOS 8  is support for widgets, a feature that has been a fundamental signature of Android for a long, long time. Well, some may argue that widgets in iOS and Android greatly differ from one another in terms of integration within the UI. After all, iOS only allows you to put widgets in your notification center, while Android offers an unprecedented level of flexibility and customizability. 

While that's mostly true, it doesn't mean that the widgets available for iOS are sub-par to their Android rivals. Well, they are less in numbers, actually, but that's pretty natural given the relative short amount of time for which iOS has supported widgets. Of course, there are many widgets that deserve to stay in your iOS 8-running iPhone or iPad's notification center. Today, we'll show you what are some of the best and most useful widgets for iOS.


Download (free) 

This widget comes bundled with the regular Evernote app for iOS, allowing you to access the app's quick note bar directly within the Today view of your notification center. As a whole it's a pretty handy way to make full use of the cross-platform note-taking service. The widget also displays the notes you've recently viewed.

Dark Sky

Download ($3.99)

Animations, weather info, maps - Dark Sky has it all. Of course, it also has a widget that comfortably sits in the Today section of your notifications center.


Download ($9.99)

One of the best calculator apps for your iPhone and iPad also has a widget that allows you to make simple and more advanced calculations directly from your notifications area. 

System Info Widgets

Download (free)

This free widget will provide you with tidbits of info about various system stats, like current CPU, memory, and battery usage. Data is displayed as bar charts in absolute values. As a whole, it's a handy widget that gives you information about the status of your device.

Launcher with Notification Center Widget

Download (free)

This widget for iOS allows you to put a handful of shortcuts in your notification center. You can put several of your favorite apps, contacts, or bookmarks inside this widget, making them available from almost anywhere. 

Quick Notes - Notes with widget

Download (free)

Instead of looking for the Notes app, this widget allows you to just swipe down and quickly jot down something of great import right in your notification screen. Undoubtedly, a pretty useful and handy iOS widget.

Battery Graph Widget

Download ($1.99)

iOS does not provide its users with a graph that represents battery usage yet. Fortunately, if you are into this kind of information, this widget will provide you with a pretty good understanding of when your battery has discharged the fastest.

Quick Bird - Today Widget for Twitter

Download (free)

Avid Twitter user? Thanks to this widget, any new tweets from the people you follow will appear straight in your notification center, just a swipe away from anywhere. The widget will display up to 50 tweets.

Quote Widget

Download (free)

While it's not necessarily a handy widget, Quote Widget has more than 100,000 quotes from famous people that will grace your notification drawer. Not pretty useful, but nice.


Dual Radar Widget

Download ($3.99)

Weather widgets are nothing new, but this one is one step ahead in terms of the data it provides. It displays hi-res "radar mosaics for the continental United States AND images directly generated from raw Nexrad Level 3 station data", which means that you can really see what's the weather right above you.

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