BOLT 2.0 beta brings along tabbed web browsing

BOLT 2.0 beta brings along tabbed web browsing
There's no denying the popularity of the BOLT web browser for BlackBerry – it easily offers an experience that's superior to the default one. Luckily the next generation of BOLT will provide yet new features to the ever improving web browser that's clearly making a stance among the premier mobile browsers out there. BOLT 2.0 beta now brings forth the addition of tabbed browsing which will enable users to freely surf various pages at once and have the ability to easily toggle between them all. For the many Facebook users that rely on their BlackBerry smartphones, they'll be happy to know that there's a tighter integration in the latest beta version that will allow users to use Facebook's IM application – which is done directly from within BOLT. Finally, they've implemented a faster widget gallery and a server upgrade to WebKit 4.03 to really kick things up a notch. You can check out BOLT 2.0 beta yourself right now and experience why this browser continues to amaze people with its level of performance and usability.

source: BOLT via ShowStoppers



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