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Apple may let you know if you’re being stalked

Apple may let you know if you’re being stalked
With iOS 14.5 beta 3 currently available to developers and beta testers, a noteworthy add-on to the Find My app is being discussed within the Apple community. Owners of Apple items may be allowed to get notified whether another item that’s unknown to them is in their close proximity and is currently being tracked through the Find My application (via 9to5Mac).

Apparently, this issue is being looked into by Apple because of the rumored release of AirTags - probably coin-sized items that track whatever they’re attached to. The AirTags are thought to be using the same Find My app which allows you to track your devices. The technology behind the AirTags is rumored to be a mixture of Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband and they may cost around $35 per piece.

And what if someone puts an AirTag inside the pocket of your jacket or inside your MacBook sleeve? This could lead to some unwanted and unnecessary trouble. Or at least that’s what Apple is trying to prevent from happening. In addition to a dozen unseen add-ons, the iOS 14.5 beta 3 will feature Item Safety alerts. The alerts will notify you whether there is an unwanted device in close proximity to your own device and if it’s tracking you.

Item Safety alerts would be manageable in the Me tab of Find My app and they will be initially enabled. These will show whether there is an unknown device mimicking your own movements. You won’t be able to stop the “stalker” from tracking your location but at least you will be notified that there’s a device tracking you. Apple users will also be able to turn these notifications off. However, a warning notice will be displayed and it will read that someone will be able to track you without your knowledge.

A further look into the subject leads us to another possible agenda being solved here. It is rumored that Apple has plans to let third party accessories use its own Find My app in the near future. This inclusion will open the door for all kinds of sneaky business and Apple has rightly gone on to address those.
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