Apple ID might soon be renamed to Apple Account

Apple may soon have a new but predictable name for Apple ID
Apple is considering renaming Apple ID to Apple Account, says a new report.

Apple ID is an account that users use for accessing Apple services like iCloud and Find My. It authenticates users and makes all the devices in the Apple ecosystem work together seamlessly. 

The Cupertino giant wants to start calling the account Apple Account instead, according to sources in the know, per MacRumors.

Apple has been referring to its user accounts as Apple ID accounts for well over a decade, so it's newsworthy that the company is considering a rebrand. The report doesn't mention if anything other than the name will also be changed.

The company is said to be experimenting with the new name and could implement the change as soon as this year. The change will reportedly be introduced alongside the release of its next operating system versions for the iPhone and Mac.

In some places on its website, Apple does use the term Apple Account, but after the rumored rebrand, it will be more of a formal moniker, and we will see it replace the words Apple ID everywhere. 

If Apple goes through with the rumored plan, system applications will be updated to reflect the change. Mentions of Apple ID will likely also be scrapped from Apple's website entirely.

Whether Apple has a concrete reason for renaming Apple ID or is simply bored with the current name is not known. There's also the possibility that the idea will be tossed or the rumor is fake.

If it does end up happening though, it may take some getting used to, especially for longtime Apple users. New users may find the term Apple ID less confusing than Apple Account though. Ask me how I know.

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