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Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro hands-on: $50 workout buddies


Serious about making a significant impact in the Bluetooth headphones market, Anker is taking a proactive approach in reaching stardom through offering low-cost alternatives. For those who love to sweat and work out, the Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro is aiming to be the ideal solution to your needs, as it's not only ready for the task on hand, but it's going to wow you with its price point!

Frankly, you could argue that its design is conventional by today's standards, as two earbuds are essentially tethered to one another with a thick cable. What we do like about its design, though, is that the earbuds themselves stay snuggly in our ear – ensuring that they don't flop around when there's heavy movement involved. On top of that, the Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro also features "SweatGuard technology" that helps to resist with the corrosive properties of sweat. And lastly, we also do appreciate how the magnets embedded in each earbud keeps them fastened to one another when they're not being used.

Listening to some tunes, we're pleasantly impressed by the richness of this earphone set's quality! There's no shortage of bass with this one, as it clearly favors audio from the lower ranges. Still, it's never overpowering to the point where it would drown out the mids or highs. Throw in the fact that the overall performance has a crisp tone to it, we can't be any more thrilled about these earphones being great for working out. And even though they don't offer additional features, such as noise cancellation, the earbuds do offer a tangible level of noise suppression when they're worn – so background distractions aren't as prominent!

What makes the Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro so compelling is that price point. With a cost of $50 through Amazon right now, even the stingiest individual would take notice! Sure, these earphones are pretty generic in what they offer, but at least the audio quality seems promising and the design is solid.

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