Amazon is selling AT&T's Palm Pre Plus for $49.99

Amazon is selling AT&T's Palm Pre Plus for $49.99
Just when AT&T's upcoming Palm Pixi Plus was going to look like a better deal with its rumored $49.99 on-contract pricing, AT&T customers can now jump in with the existing first webOS powered smartphone in the Palm Pre Plus for the same price. The lure of being given the Touchstone accessory for free with the purchase of AT&T's Palm Pre Plus may seem attractive, but the over-bloated price of $149.99 doesn't justify a reasonable purchase when you factor in Verizon's chopping block action for their version. Thankfully, Amazon is selling the AT&T Palm Pre Plus at a more respectable cost of $49.99 on-contract – which can seal the deal for most people who are on the fence about the upcoming Palm Pixi Plus for AT&T. However, you won't be given the Touchstone if you go with Amazon for your purchase, but we'd imagine that its inexpensive cost is still easier to swallow.

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source: Amazon via SlashPhone

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