28 Mpbs a possibility with Verizon LTE

28 Mpbs a possibility with Verizon LTE
According to the results of some private beta speed tests, Verizon’s LTE network have hit some ridiculously fast speeds, one of which even hit 28 Mbps.

We know that the wave of 4G is coming. Sprint started the trend when they rolled out their WiMax network. While WiMax may have had some impressive speeds, both download and upload, nothing comes close to what these beta tests have apparently produced.

Thanks to a screenshot posted by Electronista, a Verizon LTE user claims 28 Mbps down, and a little more than 5 Mbps up. Now, this seems incredibly high given Verizon’s promise of 6-12 Mbps down.

So do you think that these reported speeds are accurate? Would it be unrealistic to hope for speed bursts that reach that high? It is said to be capable of delivering 50 Mbps in the future, so we just have to wait and see first-hand what Verizon’s 4G network truly has in store for us.

source: Electronista via Into Mobile

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