Quest game launching tomorrow will make you feel like John Wick

Quest game launching tomorrow will make you feel like John Wick
Dead Second, an action-packed VR experience from Spunge Games, is coming to the Meta Horizon Store tomorrow on June 27, 2024. Previously, Dead Second has remained an App Lab game, where it was highly praised.

Dead Second takes place in a lawless city where there is no government and armed thugs rule the streets. You are a gun for hire who will battle the “corrupt and wicked”. But it’s not just the setting that makes the game appealing.

Dead Second incorporates a gameplay mechanism called…dead second. Every time you take down an enemy you gain temporary slow-motion. Stacking multiple takedowns improves your score, time and accuracy points. It also feels really fun, according to most positive reviews.

The game is also praised for its addictive gameplay that doesn’t rely on a narrative. This is the kind of game you can play in short bursts or for hours at a time. Slow-motion is always fun in VR games. You can’t help but grin as you dodge a projectile and watch it whizz past you while leaving a trail behind in the air.

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So this is how Neo felt. | Video credit — Spunge Games

After Dead Second launches tomorrow, Spunge Games has a lot of plans for it. The launch tomorrow is already bringing new levels, new abilities, a new soundtrack and more, but there’s already two further planned updates.

According to the studio, the first major update is arriving within three to six months and will include:

  • Two-handed weapons
  • Better AI
  • Two new levels
  • And fire mode selection

A second update, around a year off from now, will bring:

  • Even more new levels
  • New enemies
  • Better interactivity with the environment
  • And hand-to-hand combat

If all that sounds right up your alley, Dead Second launches tomorrow on June 27, 2024 on the Meta Horizon Store. You can buy it here for $14.99. It even works on the original Meta Quest! And Quest 3 owners get extra enhancements like real-time shadows.
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