Apple gave Meta competition, so Meta is making Quest 3 like the Vision Pro

Apple gave Meta competition, so Meta is making Quest 3 like the Vision Pro
Meta is finally implementing a heavily-requested UI feature in the latest Quest update. Update v67, which is not out for the public just yet, is bringing multi-window support to Meta Quest 3. Quest users could already open multiple windows but they had to be opened side by side. The new update will make the UI much more like visionOS.

Update v67 is currently becoming available to some testers and it completely revamps how Horizon OS handles windows. Users can now open windows that can be placed in the spatial environment independent of each other. Windows also, as expected, persist in your room in their designated spots instead of following you around.

This method of handling windows was actually teased a while ago by Meta when the company released a short video showcasing expected new Quest UI features. The video talked about productivity, and I can see why. It’s a lot easier to get things done when you’ve got multiple monitors placed in convenient spots instead of one giant monitor displaying three windows.

This is also, of course, how Apple’s headset does things. If there was one aspect I wanted Meta to adopt from Vision Pro, it was the UI. Clearly, many people wanted their Meta Quest headsets to work like this, hence apps like The Spatial App took to the Horizon Store.

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This is…Apple Vision Pro? | Video credit — Meta

Of course, it’s not just a clean UI that makes up the Apple Vision Pro. The $3,499 price tag might be a bit inflated but a lot of it makes sense. It’s made of aluminum and glass, has an exterior display, comes with fantastic Micro-OLED screens, features eye tracking and has so many sensors the former head of Oculus called it an over-engineered devkit.

But there’s also other ways you can mimic the Vision Pro on your Quest headset. Inseye, for example, is working on an accessory that will bring eye tracking to Quest 3 and Quest 2 for just $160. Now that is pretty freaking awesome.

Vision Pro reshaping the XR industry?

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Is it too early to call it the iPhone of the XR industry? | Video credit — Apple

Apple entering the XR (Extended Reality) industry is, in my opinion, one of the best things that could’ve happened for VR. A lot of people have never even tried VR, but those who have keep coming back for more. To someone who’s never experienced the magic of Virtual Reality, it might seem like a passing fad or a gimmick for gaming.

But when a major company like Apple dips its toes into VR, people start to take notice. It also helps that consumers can try out Vision Pro headsets at Apple stores. Apple CEO Tim Cook said Vision Pro had a “profound” result on people using it for the first time. I still believe that that is because they’re trying out VR for the first time, but I will gladly accept more exposure for the industry.

And the Vision Pro being marketed as a productivity tool is also getting the industry attention from people who couldn’t care less about VR games. For example, half of the Fortune 100 companies have purchased a Vision Pro. And if they find it helpful via enterprise collaboration platforms like Campfire, they’ll probably buy many more.

Quest update v67 is also coming to Meta Quest 2 according to a Reddit user, as spotted by Mixed. That’d be pretty cool to see, seeing how the Quest 2 is being phased out otherwise in favor of the upcoming rumored Meta Quest 3S.

If update v67 is being rolled out to testers, you should see it pretty soon. And if you don’t, you can just use Meta’s new Quest software update tool to get it yourself.
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