Meta Horizon Worlds update brings improvements, bug fixes and more

Meta Horizon Worlds update brings improvements, bug fixes and more
Meta Horizon Worlds, Meta’s VR social hub, has just gotten updated to v161. The update brings with it some bug fixes, a few quality-of-life improvements and a few other changes. Mobile and web versions of Meta Horizon Worlds also received platform-specific changes similar to update v160.

Meta Horizon Worlds v161 bug fixes are as follows:

Web and mobile:

  • Avatars now spin their entire body instead of just their head when rotating in a fixed camera.
  • If a scripted camera is active, sprinting will no longer change the camera’s field of view.
  • Pressing ‘E’, which is the interaction key, while a text input is highlighted in focused mode will no longer cause you to exit focused mode.


  • Players will no longer collide with objects when they’re in build mode.

A few other things have been retouched in Meta Horizon Worlds as well. If no changes have been made in the Edit Profile page then the Save button will remain disabled. Also, sharing a link to a world will now show that world’s key art instead of the Horizon logo.

Microphone status will now be displayed on-screen as either “On” or “Muted”. And the main menu will now be using new icon sizes. This is being done so that you can view more worlds when scrolling.

A few other bugs are currently under investigation. This includes a bug where, after being invited to someone’s world, users get an error message saying that the host is not present and then get removed from the world. Another bug on the web and mobile versions makes it so audio is picked up at the camera’s location instead of a user’s avatar.

Lastly, a holstering system has been introduced for the mobile and web versions. A new holster button allows users to cycle between multiple objects they are carrying and select one to hold.

On the web version you can simply press the ‘Z’ key to bring up this menu or skip it entirely by selecting an item directly by pressing number keys one to six.

Meta Horizon Worlds sees updates very frequently. The last update — v160 — happened less than 10 days ago. Not everyone is sold on the idea of Horizon Worlds. But for those who like it, it’s yet another reason to believe Meta makes the best VR headsets.
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