Make your Quest 3 look like Vision Pro with this awesome app

Make your Quest 3 look like Vision Pro with this awesome app
The Apple Vision Pro is an amazing headset but its price tag of $3,499 keeps even most diehard VR enthusiasts away. But a new App Lab app on the Meta Horizon Store lets you mimic visionOS pretty accurately on your Quest headset.

App Lab is Meta’s app store for VR games and apps that are still in development. This includes Early Access, Alpha and Beta versions of apps. App Lab was recently merged with the Horizon Store as a separate category. This put many promising apps in the spotlight when they might never have been discovered before. Like “The Spatial App”.

The Spatial App makes your Quest headset into a “spatial computer” which is the term Apple uses to describe its headset. This app is compatible with Meta Quest 3, Quest Pro and Quest 2. It mimics how the Vision Pro looks and even adds more functionality to Quest headsets: namely multiple windows.

These windows are independent of each other and can be resized and moved around at will. There’s also some really thoughtful touches in the app. For example, when you play a video it dims the passthrough feed around the window. The video, however, remains the same brightness.

What’s funny is that this kind of practicality is something Meta recently teased for a potential new Quest UI. Seems like someone beat them to the punch. However, The Spatial App also costs $9.99, whereas Meta’s UI update is probably going to be free.

Naturally, some features of visionOS could not be replicated due to hardware limitations. For example, the Quest 3 does not have eye tracking, so that isn’t present. Despite eye tracking being a thing on Quest Pro the app does not support it on that headset either.

However, it is still in development. It might go on to add a ton of new features, including eye tracking. You can get The Spatial App here and get a feel for Apple’s take on XR.
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