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HTC One, OverRated?

BadAssAbe 06 Mar 2013, 11:14 posted on

Pros And Cons Detailed


Front Facing Speakers - This Feature should be common sense, I cannot stress how much i wish every device i owned had Front Facing Speakers, Thank You HTC and Samsung's Tablets for leading the way

IR Blaster - Very Great Feature Every Phone should have but do not

Sleek Aluminum Body - Looks Great, Feels Great


Aluminum Body - Easily more prone to scratches and dents while at the same time adding to total weight.

Bezel - Definitely not edge to edge but worse, due to the front facing speakers, buttons and large black border around the screen makes this almost as big as the 5in Sony Xperia Z

Dimensions - Despite having a smaller screen than the SGS3, the HTC one is Heavier, Taller, and Thicker.

No MicroSD Slot - Expandable memory is always Good, 64GBs more for less than $100 is always a better deal.

Battery - Non-Removable, Some even like to replace some battery's for bigger ones


Ram, Processor

Display - Great Size But 1080p might be a bit overkill if it doesn't offer much improvements

Camera - I really hope its worth the hype, Megapixels are a bit overrated

Software - Like every phone it has its ups and down

posted on 03 Apr 2013, 17:04

1. chocolaking (Posts: 495; Member since: 22 May 2012)

You freaking *** here to trash HTC again.
I will do the same to at the *** forum.

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