Verizon adds two more free to be phones

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Verizon adds two more free to be phones

Last week we showed you the ugly Pantech PN-310 FCC approved for the entry-level line of Verizon wireless, but some new images hint us the carrier will offer some phones in addition. Also coming from Pantech, here is the PN-300 brother of the 310, which will probably has the same basic functionality, but its design looks a little better with rounded curves.

Pantech PN-300

It seems that the clamshell form-factor is the main selling point for entry-level devices, as the other phone Verizon Wireless will offer is also of this design – the Kyocera K323. This one is coming with internal antenna, built-in camera, and bluetooth, but it will also be one of the free phones the carrier will offer in its line.

Kyocera K323

It's expected for the Pantech 310 to launch very soon, while the K323 will be available later, but probably before the end of the year.

Source: EngadgetMobile


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