US city bans use of cell phones while driving

US city bans use of cell phones while driving
Chapel Hill, North Carolina. You might want to remember the name of this city before driving around there. It’s the first US city to completely ban all cell phone use while driving in hoping to trim down distracted driving accidents to a minimum.

And yes, all cell phone use includes talking on your phone via a Bluetooth headset as well, no exceptions. So while previously we’ve heard about cities banning cell phone use, the ban never extended to Bluetooth headsets - as long as your hands were off your phone you’d be okay having a conversation while driving.

After two years of debates, Chapel Hill gave its “yay” for the law and announced it will go into force on June 1st, 2012.

It looks extremely draconian, but if you look into the tiny details you’d find a loophole - you can call your spouse, parents, children and anyone in case of an emergency. The fine is also not excessively harsh - a mere $25. But we don’t imagine anyone would be that willing to break the law, so this should give citizens some incentive to stay safe on the road.

source: Gizmodo

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