Chat Perf is an iPhone accessory that allows you to send... smells to your buddies

Chat Perf is an iPhone accessory that allows you to send... smells to your buddies
The iPhone has no shortage of weird accessories, but we’ve never seen one like this. Chat Perf, a smell chip made out of an atomizer and a smell tank attaches to your iPhone and with a dedicated app can send smells out to people. For those times when a smiley just isn’t enough, we guess.

Of course, it doesn’t literally send what you can smell to your buddies. Rather, it has a predefined set of smells that you can send to a friend with the same Chat Perf gizmo. Then, it’d release that smell. Simple as that. Here’s a rundown of possible implementations:

・You could send a smell that matches a favorite scene from one of your games while your playing with a friend.
・A tourist attraction could give gift-smell tanks to guests of aromatic yaku cedar, sure to get them to come again.
・You could receive the sweat smell of your favorite idol during a concert, fans caught up in the moment would go wild! [emphasis added]
・You could include a pleasant scent with a news letter.

Should we tell you that this is made in Japan? Weirdness? Check. Close to zero practicality? Check. But it’s fun, you can’t argue. Yours for around $62.

source: RocketNews24 via PopSci


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