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Best new Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps for June 2014

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Best new Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps for June 2014
This is our selection of the best apps for the month. Take a look at our picks for best Android, iOS and Windows Phone games for June 2014.

Feeling lost in the woods of millions of applications out there? We’re here to help, as we cherry-pick only the best new apps that have arrived for each of the three biggest platforms this month. In this round-up, we have selected the finest new titles out of Android’s Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, and the Windows Phone Marketplace.

We kick off our selection with an app that arrives from the future - the Android L Keyboard, the official keyboard replacement that will come with the ‘L’ release of Google’s operating system. That’s coming in the fall, but the app is available right now.

We also have some apps that went viral, even though it’s hard to justify why - like Yo, the new messaging app that… just sends a ‘Yo’ to your friends. Trust us, it’s there for the purpose of you being informed, not necessarily you trying it. In fact, we continue with a selection of extremely useful apps like the BrightNest to keep tabs at home and the overhauled 1Password that keeps all your passwords in a safe place.

We have much more in the slideshow below - starting with Android and iOS apps first, and finishing with a selection of the best apps for the third largest ecosystem - Windows Phone. Which ones are your favorites? Take a look below and join in with your thoughts in the comments section below.


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