5 Grand Theft Auto games getting huge discounts now


The Grand Theft Auto series are some of the most iconic and enjoyable gaming experiences out there, and pretty much anyone who likes to play games on their phone would probably appreciate a good deal on one of the GTA games.

Good news is that not one, but five Grand Theft Auto games now have their prices slashed for a limited time: you can get most of the GTA games below for just around $2, at an average discount of around 60%.

Not that the Grand Theft Auto series needs an introduction, but just in case you've been living on a different gaming planet in the past few years, it's an open-world action-adventure game, usually set in a fictional remake of a popular U.S. city. In GTA, you can either follow a storyline and progress on a general story, get into some side activities and quests, or simply roam around the world freely with the occasional shoot-out and / or battle.

Interestingly, the GTA franchise got started way back in 2007 and up until now has gone through 11 stand-alone game releases and a few expansion packs. Right below, you'd find the links to the GTA games for iPhone and iPad that are now on sale on the Apple App Store.

source: Apple App Store

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