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android 2.1 on moment

JocularJester 16 May 2010, 05:20 posted on

ok, the moment finally has 2.1 and has joined the ranks of greatest bestowed by this flavor of android. my issue is that it is still a 'new' software so why would i want to jump at the chance to update? yes ... i have been impatiently waiting for this update to be officially released. but heres my beef: just like any new tech, hardware or software, there are generally bugs that come with it. i understand that A2.1 is not new per say but it is new to the moment. im concerned that the aforementioned bugs will have a negative result on my phone. whenever i get new tech i wait at least a month before jumping in to give time for most of the bugs to be worked out and give myself a more refine experience. so here is my question for all that read this: even though 2.1 has been around for over a month now, should i wait a few weeks for it to be on moments or should i just go ahead and get the update? im quite interested in seeing your reasons on both sides.

posted on 16 May 2010, 16:42

1. cp1024 (Posts: 10; Member since: 16 May 2010)

Don't wait everything about the update is great, and improved except when you miss a call the keyguard it disabled until screen off

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